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Gatherings and Reflection days

Dr Sue Fairley, World President of 'Camps Farthest Out':

"Patrick Oliver's seminars and workshops are always (and I mean always) challenging and thought provoking. He has such a way with words - each sentence is filled with meaning. Recently I spent my retreat time based upon his series on suffering, and I found it the best exposition of Job that I have heard. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed."

Dr Kevin Treston, theologian, writer and renowned workshop presenter in theology and pastoral studies:

"Over many years I have been acquainted with Patrick Oliver in areas such as developing community relations, spirituality, spiritual direction and personal development. Patrick has a gentle and affirmative style which has been nourished from many years through pastoral engagements as well as his own studies. I would strongly endorse the services of Patrick, who will bring his expertise and wisdom to those fortunate to avail of Patrick's experience."


Through the years, Patrick has facilitated many kinds of gatherings that focus around spirituality topics. Some of these have been:

  • Workshops and reflection days to pastoral care groups and chaplains
  • Gospel sharing groups
  • The interplay of scripture, personality and prayer
  • The interplay of personality, spirituality, ministry and scripture. Some of these have been:


    • The language of soul
    • Relooking at the meaning of faith
    • The reality of the spiritual world
    • Relationship between personality and soul
    • Some methods of discernment
    • Working and walking with the life of soul


    • Relooking at the nature of sin
    • Working with guilt
    • Relooking at the role of depression in the journey
    • Growing into being a better spiritual companioner
    • Signs of spiritual maturing
    • Avenues of religious experience
    • Processing religious experience


    • Seasons of soul
    • Dark Night of the Senses and of the Soul
    • Compulsion and addiction of soul
    • The Wounded Healer
    • Healing and the journey
    • The "cure of souls"
    • Imagination and prayer
    • Practical meditation
    • Prayer styles
    • The importance of silence


    • Story and spirituality
    • Finding ourselves in the Scriptures: Old Testament
    • Finding ourselves in the Scriptures: New Testament
    • The person of Jesus and the spiritual journey
    • The Parables of Jesus and the spiritual journey
    • The Sermon on the Mount and the spiritual journey
    • The Book of Revelation and the spiritual journey
    • Trinity and the spiritual journey
    • Mary and the spiritual journey


    • Temperament and spirituality
    • Carl Jung and Christian spirituality
    • Mythology and spirituality
    • Connections between gift, vice and virtue
    • Structure and working of the psyche
    • Growing in self-respect
    • Sexuality, relationships and spirituality


    • Life stages
    • Death, dying and the spiritual journey Folded Corner: Sandra Lupi RSM, past Congregational leader, Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane Queensland:
Patrick Oliver is a deeply spiritual man who shares his insights into the Divine in a remarkable way… He knows how to plumb the depths of the human heart and one's longing for God in a gentle and respectful manner.
    • Spiritual care in the grief process
    • Listening to near-death experiences
    • Musings on life after death
    • Christian mysticism and the everyday


    • The nature of dreams
    • Dreams and Christianity
    • Dreams and scriptural themes
    • Dreams and the spiritual journey
    • Processing dreams


    • Ministerial spirituality
    • Ministry burnout
    • Counselling skills
    • Reflective retreats
    • Retreats for seasons (Advent, Lent etc)


    • Individual retreats

The expansion of soulspace isn’t so you can “get more holy” or extract more divine favours, but so you can allow God to be God for you. The basic question for the Journey is not “how am I doing?” but “who is God wanting to be for me at this moment?” The greater your openness of soul, the greater the capacity to let God be the Great Grace, and the deeper the capacity to live a life of gratitude. From there, miracles can happen because you’re getting out of the way.

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