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An Opportunity to Explore ‘The Infinite Circle of Grace” with Patrick Oliver.


When: 9:30am - 12:45pm Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd March 2018

Where: Villa Maria Spirituality Centre, 123 Warren St, Fortitude Valley

(Some parking is underneath or on the road. You may wish to car-pool or get public transport)

Cost: $120 for 4 sessions



“The Infinite Circle of Grace"

Patrick Oliver’s presentation of the enneagram is called “The Infinite Circle of Grace”. Rather than making pathology the starting point (“what’s wrong with me?”), Patrick makes the beginning point the fact of our being fashioned in the image of God. Rather than starting with the personality question “Who am I?” he begins with the contemplative question of personhood: “Whose am I?”

Patrick describes the differing ways in which we’re born to mirror qualities of God, and how they are given as gifts to be shared for the world. From there, he explores the different aspects of Divine Love, and how in our differences we reflect the beauty, fragility and strength of the Body of Christ.

A particular aspect of “The Infinite Circle of Grace” is its focus upon understanding our own and others’ soul-pain, and how this pain can serve to be a meeting place with Jesus, like the Samaritan Woman’s experience at the well.

“The Infinite Circle of Grace” also presents a different way of understanding how in both the Glare, the Glaze and the Gaze, we move around the circle to taste the worlds of spaces different from our own preferred space or “nest”.

“The Infinite Circle” is such a helpful resource in spiritual direction, for it assists both director and directee to grow ever more sensitive to the movements of grace, and in the recognition of how grace is ever waiting to meet us in the moments when we might fear we are most alone.





Patrick Oliver's

Doorways into Deep Simplicity


retreats and workshops

one-to-one and group training


Patrick Oliver, Brisbane-based spiritual director and retreat facilitator, is offering opportunities to explore and appreciate how grace has been with us through the ups and downs of our lives.  This exploration is through the lens of what he calls a “deep simplicity” approach to spirituality.


Perhaps many of us spent our first few decades trying to be “good Christians”. We may have tried hard to do the right thing, but often it seemed that we could never be good enough, never be spiritually successful enough, or never be “faith-filled” enough.


This experience might well have led us onto the way of what might be called “Deep Simplicity”, where we began to shed layers of complexity with its continual emphasis upon asking “How am I doing?” Perhaps we found that life circumstances took us into waters where our former religious language, practice or perspectives became alienating and even hurtful. Yet somewhere along the line we learned that love couldn’t be earned, that peace of soul couldn’t be bought, and that forgiving life for being imperfect was the only way through.


As more maturing years unfolded, we discovered that our mistakes and wounds were actually a way into deeper compassion. We could let ourselves and others be mixtures of light and shadow, and we surrendered the need to be someone other than who we already were. Perhaps we noticed that the meaning of faith had changed for us: from a rigid adherence to mental constructs and certitudes, to a way of meeting life more humbly and honestly, reverently and trustfully. We could perceive more through the eyes of Love’s mystery, creative mercy and restorative justice. Yet very often we seemed out of step with other people of faith around us …


The aims of the “doorways into deep simplicity” are threefold:

·         to provide encouragement for us to trust that God really does trust us, and to help us continue our journey of faith with a confidence that our deepest         intuitions are true;

·          to provide clarity for us to express insights which often can remain unrecognized, unformed or unspoken;

·         to offer an opportunity for personal renewal in love, faith and hope, and a richer awareness of the exquisite life of our soul.



These four doorways are

A deep simplicity view of prayer and the soul’s journey. As the years go by, there can be a change in our understandings of prayer, conversion and even who God is for us. Our soul is enlarged and enriched not through perfect performance or saying lots of prayers, but through our mistakes and having to rely upon grace to renew us.


A deep simplicity view of our relationships. We are born to be reflections of God’s love. Patrick’s presentation of his ”Circle of Grace” is a unique, original, beautiful and refreshing adaptation of the enneagram, to reveal the divine depth of giftedness within us all. When we try to “own” this giftedness, we create difficulties for relationships with self, with others and with God. Yet the years can bring the opportunity for grace to transform and recreate the narratives of our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine.


A deep simplicity view of our dreams. Our nightly dreams can be friends trying to help us notice unseen gems along the way, and to help us to perceive our inner and outer worlds more maturely. Life themes are highlighted in dreams, which in our truer moments can be recognized as deeply healing and transformative.


A deep simplicity view of the Scriptures. We explore ways in which the Christian scriptures are the mega-story of what it means to be truly human, and how the light and shade of our own life story can be found and celebrated within this larger narrative.


These areas can be explored by individuals, by small groups of two or three, or by larger groups. Place and length of sessions can be negotiated with Patrick.


Cost of the sessions:


For one-to-one sessions                                  $50 per hour

For small group sessions (2-4 people)       $25 per hour per individual

For larger group sessions                               by negotiation


The presentation of these “doorways" can be in any format – in blocks of half-days, full days, or whatever a group wishes. Cost of the courses can be negotiated according to the length and intensity of the presentations.

One-to-one and small group training sessions are also available. This would be of help for individuals or groups of ministers, pastoral carers, chaplains, parish workers or anyone involved in the caring professions. The location of the training would be arranged by the group (if the size is larger than four participants). Structure and cost of the courses can be negotiated according to participants’ situations.










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